Catch Costs

Catch Creative is all about providing you with the best packages at the best prices!  We love to assist you with suiting your needs and budget.  We will work with you to make it work and there is no task GREAT or small.  We know “You’ll love the way we see it!”

We have senior portraits starting at $300 for up to 2 locations & 2 changes of clothing!  Our feel is extremely nontraditional who wants the same old senior photo?  Not our clients they want their true colors to shine through from star swimmer to golfer to writer!  Catch creates senior images that you will love for years to come! Oh and did we mention you will get all images on disc (up to 25) with a full copyright release?  Yes, and there is that!

Newborn shoots are AMAZING!  Capturing the first professional images of a brand new life is something we are honored and amazed to do.  We love to follow our kiddo’s through their first year of life and offer an awesome package which ultimate saves you money!  Shoot us an email today and ask for more information on First Catch!   You’ll love what we have created!

Maternity well my dear you have come to the right place!  We are out of the box thinkers here too!  We can do the same old same old or we can work with you to create something new fresh and different!  We will even roll the maternity shoot in to our First Catch saving you even more money!

Catch Corporate Photography.  Yes Catch Corporate is available and it’s well how shall we say a whole new angle on the same old head shots!  We will do traditional if that is what you’re thing is but we love to create images that literally make potential clients dial the phone to call you without even realizing that is what they are doing!  It’s all in the eyes and you’ll love what we can do for you!

Catch Video is a no holds barred incredibly beautiful way to captivate an audience with your message!  Whether it’s corporate video’s or training tapes we show you a whole new motivated way to deliver your message and make it entertaining and fun!  All things not usually associated with corporate videos but hey we’re not the usual video production company!  Email us today for our current specials and share what you are looking for something tells us we can Catch Clips you will LOVE!

Catch Social yes you read that right Catch is SOCIAL!!!  We LOVE to help you create a facebook page you will be proud to share with the world.  We can coach you on the best things to share and how as well as create layouts for you with images we capture!  Socially speaking we are the bees knees!  Check out our facebook page and see what we do.  If you like it hit us up!  We might have a few surprises in store for you.  Oh and we do all the other fun socially correct and well some incorrect things too!